For proven entrepreneurs and businesses scaling to
$20k+ MRR looking for 1:1 business mentorship.

Why "uncoaching"?

I'm not a career business coach.
I've scaled to multi-7-figures and beyond doing what you do today.

🚀 Grow without big payrolls.
🤑 Close higher-ticket scalable services.
🏝️ Build a sustainable remote business you love.

What We Do

Uncoaching is a 90-day program with direct access to me.

It's tailored to your needs but common areas of focus are around:

📈 Scalable offers
💰 Closing bigger deals
🧰 Sales and RevOps systems

I show you how to make more while getting big time back in your week.

Hi, I'm Ken Yarmosh.
I've been in professional services my entire career.
I've built multiple seven-figure remote B2B service businesses.
I've navigated a 9-figure exit for a global remote agency.
I've closed more than $50M of services in my career.
All remotely. Bootstrapped.
Never with a big corporate logo next to my name.

Now, it's your turn.

Want more?

I have 25+ 🤩 recommendations on my LinkedIn profile and "Wall of Love".

Move from a freelancer mindset to a remote solopreneur mentality.

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