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Uncoaching with Ken

Because you don't need another person that's never been you giving you advice on how to scale a remote services business.

Hi, I'm Ken Yarmosh. I've been in professional services my entire career.
✅ I've built multiple seven-figure remote B2B service businesses.
✅ I've navigated a 9-figure exit for a global remote agency.
✅ I've closed more than $50M of services in my career.

"Uncoaching" is a program I built for consultants, fractional execs, and boutique agencies to make what you do easier.

Because I've already "been there, done that," I can help you shortcut years of pain.
I'm not a career coach. In fact, I still have my own thriving fractional & advisory practice.
My fractional rate is $15k per client per month. I'm ready to show you how I do that. (We will build your version of it.)

Uncoaching is not for those starting out.

You already have pipeline, clients, and can easily keep doing what you're doing. You have healthy top-line revenue. But you're...
❓Uncertain if there are ways to push your revenue higher.
❓Wondering if you should hire or aggressively subcontract to scale.
❓Struggling to ask yourself the right questions like what comes next in your biz.

There's absolutely a better way.

That's what we do in uncoaching. Growth without hiring from proven scalable playbooks.

If you're doing > $20k a month in revenue, uncoaching is for you.

It's a three-month program of direct 1:1 access to me.
It's tailored to your needs but common areas of focus are around scalable offers, systems, closing deals, tools, questions around hiring, and how to get big time back in your week.
I'm doing $20k or more per month in top-line revenue.